NO. We started creating the library in CorelDRAW a few years ago, but have since migrated to other graphics programs. Illustrator, Flexi and many other software suites are fully capable of importing the .ai or .eps file formats.

Will these only work in CorelDRAW?

Yes. Our library is now available via an Instant Download service provided by Sellfy.com. Simply click the icon or link to go to the Sellfy.com website, pay via PayPal or Credit Card and you will receive the download like good for 5 downloads. The library is still available on DVD or Thumb Drive if you wish to have a hard copy.

Can I download the Illustration Library?

We have now completed converting the entire library from CorelDRAW .cdr files to the much requested .eps and .ai file formats. If your software can import either of these file formats you can now use our entire collection of detailed sign illustrations.

Does this work with Adobe Illustrator or Flexi?

The SignDesign Tools Illustration Library contains hundreds of detailed illustrations of signs, sign components, sign hardware, building materials, illustrated instructions, guides, charts, diagrams, templates, calculators and much much more.

What is included in the Illustration Library?

YES. All of the illustrations you receive are fully editable. Feel free to modify anything you need to make them more suited for your specific situation.

Also, if you would like to have us add your modifications to our future library, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the situation. We might even buy the illustrations from you. How about that?

Can I edit the illustrations?

What file format are the illustrations in?

The entire collection is now available in the following file formats:

     CorelDRAW .cdr   /   Adobe Illustrator .ai   /  And Importable as  .eps


Sign Design Tools Illustration Library

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